As members of city council, we have a seat at the table for being a part of the planning process for practical solutions to our regional transportation needs, ranging from multi-modal solutions to highway expansion.

The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) uses objectives-driven, performance-based processes to tackle the issues that matter to us the most. One issue that most of us can relate to is traffic congestion, which impacts the mobility not only of people, but of goods in Northern Colorado affecting our quality of life and commerce.

The key words here with respect to my new roll in the office of the assessor are objectives-driven, performance-based processes.  As your next Assessor one of our primary focuses will be to increase the accuracy of property valuations and decrease the amount of appeals.  Appeals are headaches to homeowners and cost taxpayers time and money.  We can and will do better, no more business as usual.

North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Council

  • Enables local governments to respond more effectively to regional and state transportation and transportation-related air quality issues and needs.


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