Working in local government after a successful career in financial services, which included risk management and brokerage, was a great career move in preparing for the role of Larimer County Assessor. The Assessors job is not an entry-level position or for the faint-hearted. It involves hard work, hard choices, and challenging conversations. Pragmatism, wisdom, and solid judgment enable Bob to do the heaving lifting needed to elevate the Assessor’s office to its full potential, decreasing the number of appeals and saving the people and the county time and money.- What an Assessor does is not exciting and does not help you win friends in the office. Bob is out there fighting for us every day to ensure that we all get a fair and accurate value that is good for the people of Larimer County!

City Council members have a leadership role in instructing city planners in the planning process for practical solutions to our regional transportation needs, ranging from multi-modal solutions to highway expansion. These conversations involve higher-level conversations around our communities’ big-picture needs based on the current population, future growth and development, and kitchen table issues for families and individuals. Bob has worked in our service to our community for over 15 years; he understands the little things that make our community a great place to live, work and play!

Bob has a long history with data-driven decisions in Northern Colorado. The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) uses objectives-driven, performance-based processes to tackle the issues that matter most to us. One issue that most of us can relate to is traffic congestion, which impacts the mobility of people and goods in Northern Colorado, affecting our quality of life and commerce.

“The keywords concerning my role in the Assessor’s office are objectives-driven, performance-based processes. As your Assessor, I have, through independent audit, identified and corrected vital factors that directly correlate to the number of appeals that are now at a lower level than they have been in a decade! We will continue to improve property valuation accuracy and decrease the number of appeals. Appeals are headaches to homeowners and cost taxpayers time and money. We can and will do better!”  Bob Overbeck, Larimer County Assessor 2022