Having served on city council for over 5 years has given me insight into the innerworkings of our community and what we value in the places that we choose to live work and play.

In addition to the Boards and Commissions advisory roles, on council we look at the triple bottom line for outcomes. That means that projects are evaluated based on their social, economic and environmental impacts not only on the basis of profit, or the economic bottom line. For the City, it means creating an optimal mix of resource efficiency, cost effectiveness and employee well-being on daily City operations.

So much of who we are is where we live, and part of what adds value to our homes and makes this region special, is the quality of services and decisions made by our elected officials. As your next Larimer County Assessor, I will use the breadth of knowledge I have obtained working for a world class organization to improve the quality of services provided to you by the office of the assessor. I will make process improvements to ensure that accuracy and accountability are paramount and that the processes in our office are fair for all.

Boards and Commissions

Golf Board

Human Relations Commission

Natural Resources Advisory Board

Parking Advisory Board

Urban Renewal Authority Board