As your County Assessor, Bob has used the breadth of knowledge he obtained working for a world-class organization, The City of Fort Collins, to improve the quality of services provided to you by the Office of the Assessor. He has made process improvements to ensure that accuracy and accountability are paramount and that the processes in his office are fair for all. While we would all appreciate having our values frozen in time, short of building a wall around the region, people will continue to move to Northern Colorado, and prices will continue to rise. While Bob has no plans to build a wall, he has and will continue to do the next best thing- ensure that our values are fair and accurate so that no one pays more than their fair share of taxes! 

Bob’s broad lens and dedication to accuracy, transparency, and fairness for all directly result from the many leadership roles he has held throughout his tenure in government. Other boards & commissions: 

Boards and Commissions

Golf Board

Human Relations Commission

Natural Resources Advisory Board

Parking Advisory Board

Urban Renewal Authority Board