Council Committees

Bob’s background in City Government is notable. The Fort Collins City Council is a legislative and quasi-judicial body responsible for managing and overseeing a municipal organization comprised of over 2400 people, including a city manager, city attorney, municipal judge, and a bi-annual budget of over a BILLION dollars. 

We need an Assessor who understands the people and our communities big picture and kitchen table issues. Bob was on: 

Election Code Committee

The election code committee was established to consider and study state election laws, rules, policies, and procedures to identify and evaluate areas of improvement and transparency in the City election code.

Legislative Review Board

The Legislative Review Board reviews proposed state and federal legislation that might affect the City’s interests.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee considers financial policy and budget issues facing the City and makes recommendations regarding those issues to the Fort Collins City Council.

Election Code Committee

Bob supports free & fair elections 

Legislative Review Committee

Council Finance Committee