Risk Management

Bob has 30 years of real-world experience in investment banking and finance and understands the actual value of your dollars. Mortgage rates, finance rates, fluctuating commodity prices, and the value of your home- markets can go up and down. Property values result from market conditions- something we cannot control but can affect our budget greatly when the time comes to pay the treasurer our taxes at the end of the year. That is one big reason why having an Assessor dedicated to data-driven, statistically verified, fair and accurate values is so important. Bob is a man of integrity who ensures that the same rules apply to everyone and no one pays more than their fair share of taxes.

Larimer County Assessor

  • Membership in the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) 
  • Membership in the Colorado Assessors Association (CAA)

Fort Collins City Council Member

Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) – license current

National Futures Association – Series 3 license, since 1983

Membership in the International Monetary Market of the CME 

Membership in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
– Managed offices in New York, Chicago & L.A.
– Floor Broker for Institutional Clients 

  • Foreign Exchange Currencies 
  • Fortune 500 Companies 
  • Institutional Clients
  • Foreign Central Banks 
  • Pension Funds 
  • Treasury Bills & Bonds 
  • Eurodollars 
  • Short-Term Interest Rates

Independent Floor Trader 

  • Major Market Index 
  • S&P 500

Membership in the Chicago Board of Trade
Independent Floor Trader

  • Municipal, Treasury Bonds, and Notes


Membership in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Independent Floor Trader
Managed Portfolios 

  • spring wheat
  • soybeans
  • corn
  • oats