Joe Neguse

U.S. Congressman for Colorado’s 2nd District

Betsy Markey

(Former) U.S. Congresswoman for Colorado’s 4th District

“Bob has earned my respect for his devotion and hard work to the citizens of Larimer County. He is an excellent Assessor. I am honored to endorse the re-election of Bob Overbeck for Larimer County Assessor.”

Joann Ginal
Joann Ginal Colorado State Senator

Andrew Boesenecker

CO State Representative, House District 53

Cathy Kipp

CO State Representative, House District 52

“His unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency and accountability will continue to serve the residents of Larimer County well if we re-elect Bob Overbeck as our Assessor.”

John Kefalas
John Kefalas Larimer County Commissioner, District 1

Kristin Stephens

Larimer County Commissioner, District 2

Jody Shadduck-McNally

Larimer County Commissioner, District 3

“We need progressive candidates like Bob Overbeck in county offices to ensure that we are bringing Larimer County into the future with a vision.”

Jeni Arndt
Jeni Arndt Mayor, City of Fort Collins

"Bob has a track record of being a voice for the people, and I believe he will continue to be an advocate to ensure fairness and accuracy for all. Bob Overbeck has my support for re-election as Larimer County Assessor.

Jackie Marsh
Jackie Marsh Mayor, City of Loveland