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Bob Overbeck

Larimer County Assessor

The office of Assessor is more than just valuing homes.

It’s about ensuring everyone gets a fair shake.

We have to ensure evaluations are done right the first time.


Increase in Property Tax Protests in 2017

As your next Larimer County Assessor, I will ensure that property valuations are done right the first time, no one pays more than their fair share, and the office of assessor upholds the level of transparency and accountability that taxpayers deserve.

- Bob Overbeck

We need progressive candidates like Bob Overbeck in county offices to ensure that we are bringing Larimer County into the future with a vision.

Jeni Arndt
HD 53

Bob’s unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency and accountability will serve the residents of Larimer County well as our next Assessor.

John Kefalas
SD 14

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