Letters to the Editor

Overbeck has proved his honesty

As the District 1 representative to the council for the past four years, Bob Overbeck has advocated for the important issues facing our community.

Because he recognizes that quality of life and the environment are always connected, Bob works to preserve our city parks, our many natural areas, and, especially, the Poudre River.

Listening closely to his constituents at his forums and neighborhood gatherings, Bob has supported moratoria against fracking in Fort Collins and has opposed NISP, which threatens the further exploitation of the Poudre River.

During a recent neighborhood forum, I heard Bob’s opponent, Nate Budd, admit that he would take campaign contributions from anyone; when pressed, he backed down slightly and evaded more specific questions about his relationship to outside interests. Bob’s campaign has been funded by local donations, not by the PAC money from out-of-state Realtors and oil and gas developers that has funded the campaigns of other local candidates, including his opponent.

I urge District 1 residents of Fort Collins to vote for Bob Overbeck, a city councilor who has proved his honesty, fairness and dedication to his constituents.

Rita Kissen, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck listens and carefully considers

I am urging folks in District 1 to re-elect Bob Overbeck to the City Council. In his seat on City Council, he represents District 1, but in so many ways, he represents all the best of Fort Collins.

For example, on Sunday, after he spent the afternoon walking a neighborhood in the eastern section of his district and talking to voters there, he went to the Fort Collins Islamic Center to show his support and condemn the senseless vandalism done to that place of worship. Just a couple of weeks before, he participated in a panel discussion during an open house event that the Islamic Center held.

Bob is a staunch supporter of high environmental standards. He has become the president of the Poudre Heritage Alliance, whose goal is to educate the public about the history and ecology of the 41 miles of the Poudre River, from the canyon mouth to its confluence with the South Platte. Also, Bob was the lone “no” vote to the proposal to negotiate with the Northern Water Conservancy District about mitigating the effects of NISP.

One of Bob’s main strengths is that he listens – closely, carefully and attentively. On any issue that faces us as a city, there are differing and conflicting viewpoints. We need City Council members who are willing to take the time to hear expression of those views and then struggle to find a position that can be accepted by most of us as reasonable.

Keeping Bob on City Council will be good for all of us.

Bob Viscount, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck focused on community, environment

I highly recommend voters support Bob Overbeck for his re-election. I moved to Fort Collins over four years ago, and through some civic activities have met Bob a number of times and found him to be very personable and dedicated to serving the best interests of Fort Collins. His standout opposition to NISP/Glade Reservoir, which would much further harm the flow of the already stressed Poudre River with no benefit to Fort Collins and would encourage more growth in other Northern Colorado communities, is a good example.

Bob’s opponent is being supported by moneyed interests like the Chamber of Commerce and Northern Colorado Home Builders Association. No doubt they think he will better serve their interests, which would lead to excessive growth, leading to the decline of Fort Collins quality of life.

I like a line from Bob’s campaign flyer: “We are lucky to live in one of the best communities in the country, and I want to keep it that way.”

Charles Kopp, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck will help navigate growth, congestion

Bob Overbeck is my choice for District 1 council member. I am thankful for Councilman Overbeck’s representation on City Council.

My first experience with city government was with Councilman Overbeck. He gave me confidence in my local government because he opened the door for me to participate, and to see it in action.

Council Overbeck is committed to public service, and it shows in his actions and policy choices. Fort Collins is a great place to live because of our neighborhoods. District 1 needs Bob Overbeck on the City Council because we need representation that prioritizes neighborhoods.

As we experience the expansion of Colorado State University in our neighborhoods and the congestion of the city crowds our streets, and expansion into the northeast, Bob will listen to our concerns and work to protect our quality of life.

Please join me by voting for Bob Overbeck.

Sarah Brooks, Fort Collins, 2017


Vote for truly local candidate

If you think that local elections aren’t that important, think again.

I’m backing candidates who are truly local. One of those candidates is Bob Overbeck. His campaign is funded almost entirely by donations from individuals, each contributing $75 or less. Bob is supported by many local citizens. They know Bob is the candidate who will stand up for our local concerns and our local issues.

On the other hand, two powerful big moneyed groups must think that local elections are very important, and they are spending money in support of Bob’s opponent — one spending over $17,000 and the other spending nearly $7,000 (http://www.fcgov.com/cityclerk/independent-2017apr.php). If elected, one has to wonder if Bob’s opponent will feel beholden to these special interests. And why did these special interests feel it necessary to hire an out-of-state marketing firm to do this campaign work? (http://rightvoter.com/clients).
Vote local, Vote Bob Overbeck.

Vicky McLane, Fort Collins, 2017


Vote for those who represent Fort Collins interests

The Coloradoan’s recent coverage of our City Council campaign misinforms us on the issues and the candidates.

In Monday’s (March 20) coverage, Nick Coltrain passes along, undigested and unchallenged, the explanation of a sudden windfall of almost $80,000 for four of the candidates as coming from “Fort Collins Realtors” In fact, the March 15 filing of this donation with the city clerk’s office shows that all this money originated with the Realtors associations of Washington, Chicago and Denver. And the Realtors don’t mince words about wanting to purchase influence with candidates; according to the filing, “Realtors Political Action Committee has promoted the election of Pro Realtor candidates across the United States.”

The Fort Collins candidates receiving this windfall include Nate Budd, Duane Hansen, Ken Summers and Wade Troxell. If the 2015 election is any guide, PAC money from pro-fracking oil and gas interests will be coming in shortly as well. In fact, as I write this, an additional $13,000 has shown up for Budd and Hansen.

The Realtors’ gloss on the money as somehow intended to foster “affordable housing” is lamentable. In reality, this money is intended to continue enabling outside investment to exploit Fort Collins as a colony so that the profits from building flimsy housing for sale or rental are syphoned out of the state, in the same way that banana republics have been managed and exploited for centuries.

The Coloradoan’s recent endorsement of Wade Troxell’s re-election for mayor colludes in this misrepresentation. Mayor Troxell’s voting record shows he doesn’t represent the citizens of Fort Collins. Besides supporting development of the Foothills Mall, which has damaged small local merchants, he was the only council member back in 2014 to oppose the anti-fracking referendum passed by the voters when he voted against an appeal.

Given these facts, Fort Collins citizens who want the best for our city should vote for candidates who genuinely speak for the citizens of Fort Collins and do not accept outside money: Elizabeth Hudetz for mayor and Gordon Coombes, Ross Cunniff, and Bob Overbeck for City Council.

Norm Rasulis, Fort Collins, 2017


These 4 leaders will have our backs

This election is plagued with special interest groups funneling money into it for certain candidates. Four candidates are not being bought: Bob Overbeck (District 1), Ross Cunniff (District 5), Gordon Coombes (District 3), and Elizabeth Hudetz (mayoral candidate). They will have our backs as ordinary citizens.

I know firsthand what it’s like to feel that as an ordinary citizen I do not matter: I fought hard for a better Prospect Road-College Avenue design that would meet traffic requirements without using a needlessly invasive eminent domain taking. Bob Overbeck and Ross Cunniff fought hard for this too. At the April 12, 2016 work session, Bob Overbeck stated: “Let’s not dehumanize this.” It meant a lot. A destructive plan for our family home was being discussed in front of us as if it was already city property. I indeed felt dehumanized, and Bob called it out. Thank you, Bob.

An engineer himself, Ross Cunniff poured over engineering diagrams and argued that there were, in fact, alternatives. Unfortunately, we needed more people like this on council for those viable, better alternatives to come to fruition. Some on council saw it as a done deal by the time we ordinary citizens arrived at the table, and were not open to considering alternatives.

Wade Troxell lost my vote definitively when he stated on July 5, 2016 that the city is not in the business of concerning itself with private property interests — that we should get our own legal counsel for that.

Wade took a different view with Woodward’s private property interests regarding the silos.

If the local government wants to take someone’s property, it should only proceed if prepared to fairly compensate for it. It should not expect homeowners to pay to fight for their compensation. I spoke on this at council March 21, 2017.

Please vote for leaders who will have our backs as ordinary citizens.

Anne Cleary, Fort Collins, 2017


Bob Overbeck – Best choice for the diversity in District 1

Bob Overbeck is the best choice for City Council in District 1. He has been an exceptional asset to one of the most diverse areas of our city and has been the voice of its many constituencies. District 1 includes unique areas of the city, which are important to the entire city’s vitality.

In his first term as the District 1 council member, Bob has been the voice of residents concerned with safe, clean and livable neighborhoods. Whether in the core of Old Town or in new residential developments on the north and east, he recognizes that a community of neighbors and neighborhoods makes Fort Collins a great place to live, work and play.

Bob has shown leadership by advocating for safe routes to school, the climate action plan, and a free-flowing Poudre River, all of which improves our community safety, livability and environment.

Bob also supports the overall health of our downtown business district, whether it’s discussing public works enhancements, parking, policing or redefining the Downtown Plan. He supports the creative communities struggling for a foothold and foresees the important contribution made by enhancing our fledgling music and arts community so it thrives.

Bob serves us by staying informed and contributing to sound decisions about the many issues facing District 1 and the city as a whole. Vote for Bob Overbeck to Keep Fort Collins Great!

Kathryn Dubiel, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck preserving what’s great about Fort Collins

Wednesday, March 8. We’re at the state Capitol, among other things attending a House committee hearing on rolling coal. Fort Collins District 1 councilman Bob Overbeck is there testifying against that dirty and harmful practice. He speaks eloquently.

Bob is away from our community that day, unable to campaign door-to-door, to call voters, or to fulfill other campaign demands. He decided his presence at the Capitol was too important to the voters of his district — too important to all of us in the Fort.

Old Town Fort Collins has been my home base since I left the service in 1963 and moved here to attend CSU. I’ve watched with much favor those public officials dedicated to maintaining this as a great community. (And with disdain, I’ve watched those who missed the memo that community wellness should be more compelling than more personal wealth.)

Overbeck clearly is dedicated to seeing our community maintain its unique and appealing charm even while the population increases in record numbers.

Bob has a strong voting record for protecting and preserving the Poudre River and surrounding lands. He understands we have to be caretakers of this precious natural heritage. In this, he walks the walk while others struggle to find the courage of their supposed convictions.

Mr. Overbeck has had four good and productive years representing the needs of folks both in and out of his district. He deserves community support to continue his critical work.

John Gascoyne, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck not swayed by convenience, self-interest

I strongly support Councilman Bob Overbeck for reelection in District 1 and you should, too. Unlike many elected officials, Bob does not put what is convenient or narrow political self-interest over the needs of the people he serves.

Two examples of this are the recent City Council discussions regarding the disruptive behaviors ordinance in the downtown area and the continuing efforts to divert water from the Poudre River by development interests. In both cases, Bob Overbeck listened to his constituents and considered carefully what was best for the entire community. Bob worked to make both measures more representative of the needs of Fort Collins rather than the narrow interest of a few. When it came time to vote, he voted his conscience instead of the “easy” vote to go along with the majority.

This is demonstrated commitment to our city that, I strongly believe, merits his re-election on April 4.

Art Campfield, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck committed to environment

I would like to tell you why I’m voting to re-elect Bob Overbeck to the Fort Collins City Council. As an environmentalist and a longtime Realtor, I support so many of his ideas on how to keep Fort Collins safe, clean and attractive. It’s very important to me that he supports the Climate Action Plan and efforts to keep the Poudre River free-flowing and healthy for rafting, kayaking and fishing. Councilman Overbeck is also interested in reducing our air pollution generated by vehicles, using instead multi-modal transportation like rail.

This past January, I sent a comment to the mayor and all council members, three of which responded by email. Within 10 minutes, Bob Overbeck picked up his phone and called me to discuss my comment. He truly cares about the views of those of us in District 1 and holds meetings periodically in our neighborhoods to discuss important issues like safe routes to schools.

Please vote for Councilman Bob Overbeck in District 1. He has worked hard to keep Fort Collins a wonderful place to live.

Carolyn Wade, Fort Collins, 2017


Stand up for Overbeck; he stands up for us

Bob Overbeck is a kind, caring and decent man. He also happens to be a City Council member. As an elected representative, he has worked quietly and effectively for his district and community.

Bob has worked for safe, livable neighborhoods, a quality downtown, and a healthy Poudre River. Bob has led on community policing issues and has been a strong proponent for natural areas, parks, trails and a transportation system that works for all people. Bob has a financial background and has been a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars.

Bob has stood up for us. Now we need to be there for Bob.

Please join me in supporting Bob for re-election to City Council. Please take the time to vote and please vote for Bob Overbeck. You’ll be glad you did.

Kelly Ohlson, former Fort Collins mayor and City Council member, 2017


Overbeck can’t be bullied or bought

Why? Because Bob is amazingly accessible and responsible!

Every time I sent him an email, he responded immediately and, more often than not, phoned to discuss my concerns. Several times he even met with me in person to make sure he had all the facts.

That’s what I call a council member who represents his constituents!

I believe Bob is someone who listens to his constituents, stands up for them, and even goes to battle for them. He is someone who will work to keep Fort Collins affordable and protect our natural resources, and he will speak up for the most vulnerable members of our community.

He is a champion of our neighborhoods and a champion of the natural environment. He can’t be bullied or bought. He is our voice.

Re-elect Bob!

Martha Roden, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck maintains independence

I support the re-election of Bob Overbeck to represent District 1 on the Fort Collins City Council.

Bob listens to his constituents’ concerns and works very hard to help them solve their problems. For example, my neighborhood has had problems with an intermittent loud droning noise from a heat pump at Colorado State University’s Center for the Arts. Bob has facilitated meetings of residents with representatives of CSU, which have begun the involved process of solving the noise situation.

Unlike his opponent in this election, and several members of the Fort Collins City Council, Bob is not affiliated with Colorado State University. I think Bob’s independence from CSU will be an excellent asset in advocating for residents’ concerns regarding noise and traffic and parking issues generated by games and concerts at CSU’s new football stadium, especially as he lives close by and will experience them himself.

Fort Collins is undergoing a whirlwind of rapid growth; Bob’s thoughtful concern for quality of life and the environment is a welcome counterbalance to those who would advocate for rampant development.

Carole Hassan, Fort Collins, 2017


Overbeck focused on what’s best for District 1

Serving on City Council from 2005 to 2013 was one of the most challenging and satisfying experiences of my life. In the four years since then, I have been pleased to watch my successor, Bob Overbeck, work very hard to continue representing the residents of District 1 with a focus on what is best for neighborhoods and community.

We are fortunate in Fort Collins to have an effective local government led by thoughtful citizens willing to put in long hours with multiple meetings and in listening to our concerns. I hope that the voters of District 1 will join me in supporting Bob Overbeck for re-election in April.

Ben Manvel, Fort Collins, 2017


Bob Overbeck committed to Fort Collins way of life

Please help re-elect Bob Overbeck to City Council, in District 1. Bob has been a remarkably hardworking member of City Council for the last four years, fighting especially hard for those who need the support most in our community.

I have watched his work at council meetings and around the community, and have been impressed by Bob’s unique blend of diligence, his commitment to hearing and learning from his neighbors, his passion for addressing the issues that affect all of us in Fort Collins, and his compassion for those most in need of representation in decisions affecting our city. These characteristics make him uniquely qualified and worthy of our support for his willingness to serve a second term.

Bob Overbeck’s priorities as a council member have been: (a) the development and maintenance of safe, clean and livable neighborhoods; (b) a vibrant downtown, creative and business community; and (c) a healthy Poudre River and trail and natural areas preservation program. I have seen Bob go out of his way time and again while serving on the council to attend meetings, speak with community volunteers and organizations, and seek the opinions of all those affected by decisions being made by the city related to these broad issues.

Bob understands that our local environment is an extremely important influence on our collective well-being and that protecting the Poudre River and preserving the adjoining residential and business areas is essential to both our environmental and physical welfare.

More generally, he has gone out of his way to integrate a wide range of voices and perspectives about issues that affect us all. He has undertaken these responsibilities quietly, without a lot of fanfare and adulation, reflecting even more deeply his dedication to and sincerity about his work as our representative on the City Council. I was therefore very pleased to learn of his plans to seek re-election.

Please join me in supporting Bob Overbeck’s re-election to Fort Collins City Council, in District 1.

Tom Griggs, Fort Collins, 2017


Vote for Overbeck; he’s the ‘neighborhood candidate’

I have been involved with neighborhood issues and, in particular, those involving CSU student housing for a number of years.

Because of my involvement and continued concern, I am supporting Bob Overbeck, the District 1 City Council candidate, in next week’s election. Bob has not only been at the table for discussions about our neighborhoods and student housing, but also he is the only candidate in the District 1 race — or any of the city races for that matter — who lives in a neighborhood adjacent to CSU.

Those of you living near CSU know what a different perspective you have on certain issues pertaining to the university and how important it is to have that perspective represented on council.

I know Bob through his dedication to neighborhood and student housing issues. Bob will stand up for neighborhoods. If we make him a member of City Council, he will have the demeanor to sit down with the various stakeholders and make sure the Fort Collins/CSU partnership is mutually strong.

Bob’s involvement in UniverCity Connections is just one example of his commitment to both entities. He certainly realizes how important the bond between Fort Collins and CSU is and that neither one can be strong and prosper without the cooperation of the other.

Bob is the one person who can carry on the role that Ben Manvel has always played so effectively — putting neighborhoods first. Please join me in supporting the ‘neighborhood candidate.’ Vote for Bob Overbeck for District 1.

Doug Brobst, Fort Collins, 2013


Reject special interest money by voting for Bob Overbeck

I urge Fort Collins voters to reject big special interest money trying to buy our local City Council elections. Please vote for our locally funded, locally supported, and locally concerned candidate, Bob Overbeck, in District 1. You’ll elect the best candidate and at the same time send a message about special interests trying to buy our elections. Bob is decent, caring, honest, and hardworking.

Please join me in supporting Bob Overbeck. You’ll be glad you did.

Kelly Ohlson, mayor pro tem of Fort Collins City Council, 2013


Overbeck knows what matters to neighborhoods

Bob Overbeck is an outstanding candidate for City Council. His responses at the March 14 League of Women Voters Forum made it very apparent that Bob studied the issues, took well-founded positions and expressed himself in the most concise language imaginable.

You may watch the forum rebroadcast and wonder what many of the other candidates meant by their answers, but not Bob. The time he has spent walking the neighborhoods has paid off —he knows what matters to the people, is not afraid to have an opinion and has learned to share it openly.

Don’t take my word for it; watch the forum rebroadcast on Channel 14. The League has once again done us a service by presenting good questions, and you can do yourself a favor by watching the candidates respond. I found that by the end of the evening, I knew who I would vote for and Bob Overbeck is one of them.

Tom Linnell, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck is genuinely civic-minded

I am voting for Bob Overbeck for City Council in District 1.

I first met Overbeck at a nonpartisan civic event when we served on a citizen task force for UniverCity Connections. I didn’t know him then, but my first impression was that he was a bright, informed guy with a sharp appearance. I assumed he was successful at whatever it was he did. As it turned out, I found that what he does is help people.

A few weeks later, I learned Overbeck was running for City Council, and after talking to him further, I know he wants to help the community and has the type of attitude that if the city prospers, we all will prosper.

From working with guide dogs for the blind to helping protect our precious Poudre River, he is genuinely civic-minded, and I can easily endorse Bob Overbeck for District 1. He believes if the city does well, we can all benefit, and he wants to help us get that benefit.

That’s why I’m voting for Bob Overbeck for City Council in District 1.

AJ Feldmann, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck a defender of neighborhoods and quality of life

Bob Overbeck is the only candidate in the District 1 council race to stand up in front of City Council and support a citizen vote on the proposed on-campus CSU football stadium. Overbeck recognized early on that our neighborhoods could be negatively impacted by a new on-campus stadium, and he felt that citizens deserved to have their voice heard in such an important decision.

Like many of the rest of us, Overbeck was concerned about the potential negative impacts such a stadium could bring to our neighborhoods and to taxpayer pocketbooks.

In fact, Overbeck has stood up and spoken out numerous times in defense of our neighborhood quality of life and our community’s health and safety. He does this respectfully and knowledgeably — listening to others, gathering the facts and looking for innovative solutions.

Please vote Bob Overbeck for City Council, District 1.

John Yule, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck a great candidate for council

I’m excited to see a great guy like Bob Overbeck running for City Council. I’ve known Overbeck for five years and met him when he covered the public hearings on the Northern Integrated Supply Project as a news ranger for KRFC. I’ve seen and heard him many times since, covering local news, speaking to City Council on important issues and at events around town.

Overbeck has the qualities we expect in our council representatives. He is an active listener, gathers all the information about an issue, consults the stakeholders, and steps forward to speak up to support or oppose policies he thinks will help or hurt our neighborhoods and community.

For example, during the past year Overbeck attended workshops and open houses about the Old Town Eastside-Westside zoning issue related to new, overly large houses blocking solar access and affecting neighbors’ privacy. He actively engaged in learning all about the issue and was willing to stand up before council to speak in support of neighborhood residents’ concerns.

Bob Overbeck will make a great city council member because he values our neighborhoods’ and community’s interests over special interests.

Please vote for Bob Overbeck when you get your mail ballot.

Gina C. Janett, former mayor pro tem of Fort Collins City Council, 2013


State Rep. Fischer endorses Overbeck in District 1

City elections are not too far away, and voters living in District 1 will be voting for a new City Council member. I am supporting Bob Overbeck for City Council for this district.

Bob is a thoughtful, fair-minded and caring individual who will put the best interests of Fort Collins residents first. He has many things that make him the best choice for District 1, including financial job experience, proven dedication to this community, and a knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Fort Collins.

Bob Overbeck is the best choice for City Council District 1. I wholeheartedly support him.

Randy Fischer, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck has taken stand on the big issues

Bob Overbeck has my support for City Council. In my view, he is on the right side of issues that are important to me. Not only that, but also he takes the time and effort to thoughtfully express his views publicly to City Council. I appreciate and admire someone who speaks up for what they believe in.

Bob has publicly opposed the use of eminent domain for Sears, believing a business that has served the Fort Collins community for so long deserves to be treated better. In addition, he has advocated for a citizen vote on the proposed CSU stadium. Bob believes our community deserves a voice in this important decision because of a new stadium’s potential negative impacts on our neighborhoods. He has strongly supported protecting the Poudre River, and he has opposed NISP — the project that would build a damaging reservoir west of town.

These are just a few examples of what I have heard from Bob. He has earned my support.

Joe Machala, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck a breath of fresh air in Fort Collins politics

Our election to select new City Council representatives is fast approaching, and I would like to share my thoughts on one particular candidate, Bob Overbeck, who would represent District 1 if elected.

I am a former Fort Collins resident, just returning after a number of years, and have had a chance to become acquainted with Mr. Overbeck. He is extremely involved in issues of interest to residents of all ages and passionate about the well-being of this community and the integrity of our neighborhoods. I have a personal interest in ensuring that the charm and beauty of residential Old Town and downtown is protected and maintained.

I also like the fact that he has a background in business and finance; has the respect and support from leaders in the community; and that he works tirelessly to advocate in the best interest of residents.

If some of your readers have not had a chance to meet and speak with him, I think they would find him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and a breath of fresh air in the political scene.

Joyce Lowder, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck shares values of Fort Collins residents, is best candidate for District 1

Vote for Bob Overbeck for City Council; he is the best candidate in District 1 by far. Not only is he an experienced business person, but a prolific volunteer in our community.

He is publically endorsed for this office by our current state senator and two state representatives as well as by several current City Council members. Most important: He shares our values of what is important to the citizens of Fort Collins. Vote for Bob Overbeck for City Council.

Trudy Haines, Fort Collins, 2013


To keep neighborhoods improving, vote for Overbeck

Bob Overbeck is the best District 1 City Council candidate for keeping Fort Collins neighborhoods livable and safe.

Bob is a strong supporter of pro-neighborhood policies and has supported the occupancy ordinance that protects single-family neighborhoods from becoming havens for “boarding houses.” Since the occupancy ordinance passed, there has been a big improvement in the quality of my neighborhood. The houses and lawns are being kept up better; there are fewer cars on the street; and loud parties are a distant memory. This change is due to the pro-neighborhood ordinances passed by City Council in the past few years.

If you want to keep our neighborhoods livable and safe, I hope you will vote for Bob Overbeck in District 1. He is on record as a strong supporter of our neighborhoods.

Bev Marquart, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck will bring new blood to council that will benefit entire city

This letter is to encourage folks to elect Bob Overbeck to the City Council. I have known Bob from his time as a news reporter/writer at KRFC, the community radio station in Fort Collins. He was able to write and produce news features on a shoestring budget. He knew how to get the most out of every resource dollar. In conversations with Bob at the station, I found him to be a person sensitive to many points of view on community issues. He is well-spoken, even-tempered, a good listener and not an ideologue or grand-stander, all characteristics that will serve his constituents well in these sometimes cantankerous times.

While I have great respect for the past contributions of some of the other candidates in District 1, I believe that the community is served well by the infusion of “new blood” on the council. I also expect that, if elected, Bob will be a perpetual candidate for the “perfect attendance award.” I urge all the citizens of District 1 to give Bob Overbeck a close look when deciding on a representative. You’ll be doing the entire city a favor.

Gene Abkarian, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck motivated, devoted, aware

I encourage voters in District 1 to elect Bob Overbeck for City Council.

Overbeck has been my neighbor for more than eight years, and in this time I’ve seen his devotion to our community evolve from raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind to being a very frequent neighborhood advocate at City Council meetings. He also reported the news on local issues at KRFC community radio and made several videos on public policy while serving as a board member at Fort Collins Public Access TV.

Overbeck has increased my awareness and involvement in local issues. We’ve spent many evenings chatting about different topics, such as stock and commodity markets, environmental issues, hiking, camping, music, animals and mainly why we both love living in Fort Collins. He is truly motivated to pursue positive neighborhood and community issues. When you get your ballot, vote for Bob Overbeck.

Roy Stahlbush, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck has character, skepticism and vision

As a former City Council member who served almost nine years, I have a sense of the work and dedication it takes to be on the City Council.

Bob Overbeck possesses the skills, the integrity and the verve to serve. The role of a council member is to do their best for the health and welfare of the citizens of his or her district, and for the city of Fort Collins.

Bob has the skepticism to negotiate with City Hall, the character to listen to all citizens, and the vision to make Fort Collins a better community.

David Roy, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck has shown he fights for neighborhoods, community

Eight-year veteran Councilman Ben Manvel’s recent endorsement of Bob Overbeck was very impressive. I totally agree with Manvel that Overbeck would be an excellent representative. He would be a passionate, caring and responsible voice for the well-being of the Fort Collins community.

In the fall of 2012, I witnessed Overbeck in action at a council meeting, addressing a referendum for the November ballot. The referendum would have given the community a voice to say whether they were “for” or “against” CSU President Tony Frank’s October decision whether to proceed with plans to build a new stadium on campus. Overbeck was one of the 35 community voices that were heard that evening before the final council vote.

He was respectful, professional, passionate and articulated well-planned-out, sound arguments of what he believed best for Fort Collins. Bob Overbeck is the person needed as a council member in District 1, who stands up and fights for neighborhoods and community.

Bev Siglin, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck’s history indicates he would bring leadership on neighborhood issues

I’m supporting Bob Overbeck for City Council District 1. I have been an involved citizen working for neighborhood issues for many years. In my experience, having City Council representatives who listen and respond to neighborhood concerns is extremely important. I’ve heard Bob Overbeck speak to City Council on issues related to neighborhoods several times. His comments clearly reflect his concern to maintain and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Bob has a history of working for safe and livable neighborhoods, for a strong downtown and for a healthy Poudre River.

For nearly a decade, Bob has been an active and involved community member, working to protect neighborhoods, reporting news and producing programs for community radio station KRFC and public access television, volunteering and raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and volunteering for a variety of community organizations.

Residents of District 1 (northeast Fort Collins), please vote for Bob Overbeck. He will continue the tradition of positive leadership for neighborhood and community issues that Ben Manvel and Kelly Ohlson have given us these past eight years.

Lloyd Walker, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck showed influence, commitment at KRFC

Great news, Fort Collins. Bob Overbeck, my long standing friend and colleague, is running for Fort Collins City Council.

Years ago Bob and I first met at KRFC, Fort Collins’ community radio station, and I was immediately impressed with Bob’s commitment to the community of Fort Collins. Bob served diligently on many committees and served many roles with KRFC, but his most influential role was as a member of the news team. Bob covered the political, economic and enviromental beat during some very interesting times and learned the issues affecting our community from an inside perspective.

As Bob and I spent more time together volunteering for various community functions, I began to see Bob’s positive impact on the community. Bob’s commitment to Fort Collins has been unwavering, and I am thrilled to see Bob pursuing another opportunity to serve the community he loves. Bob Overbeck will serve Fort Collins well, and I support and endorse Bob’s candidacy for City Council District 1.

Troy Lepper, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck does his homework to protect community interests

Bob Overbeck stands out as the best choice for City Council District 1.
Bob has been active in our community since he arrived here years ago, working hard on a number of issues very important to the future of Fort Collins. For example, he’s made a number of public service videos to inform our community about timely issues, such as those examining the dangers of fracking, preserving the Poudre River and preventing elder abuse. I’ve found that he takes a thoughtful approach to issues — doing his homework, listening to others and looking for fresh ideas. And he is a very respectful and caring individual who will be fully committed to serving the citizens of District 1 and Fort Collins in the community’s best interests.

When you receive your city ballot in March, please vote for Bob Overbeck.

Michelle Grooms, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck best man to address vital, complex issues

Races for City Council are now under way; ballots will be sent out in five weeks. In District 1, Bob Overbeck deserves your support.

City Council will face many vexing issues involving water use, and we will need council members who are willing to meet the people and learn their perspectives on these issues. We cannot afford to elect folks who believe they can meet the requirements of their office simply by imposing ideologically determined, cookie-cutter answers to community needs.

Overbeck is the best candidate for addressing these vital but complex issues. His volunteer work underscores his ingrained belief that neighborhood consultations are the first step in addressing community questions. His past volunteer work has frequently focused on water as a community resource. He will be more interested in finding what constitutes a “good deal” for our city rather than a “sweet deal” for a few residents. Support Overbeck for City Council, District 1.

David S. Trask, Fort Collins, 2013


Overbeck’s my candidate for City Council

I was thrilled to learn my neighbor and good friend Bob Overbeck would be running for Fort Collins City Council District 1. Since Bob’s been in this community, he’s done many things to improve neighborhood quality. I feel safer and better because of Bob’s involvement in our community. I’ve lived for over 100 years, 72 of them in Fort Collins. As someone who’s voted in every election since the early 1930, Bob Overbeck is a candidate who’s really earned my trust and vote and brings new leadership to local government.

Pearl Jennings, Fort Collins, 2013


Current council member supports Overbeck

For the past eight years I have had the privilege of serving as the city council member for District 1. Several people have expressed interest in running for my seat in April. Citizens have asked me if I have an endorsement in the race. I do.

One of the candidates has been attending many Council meetings and speaking up on important issues. That man, Bob Overbeck, has also taken the initiative to talk with me about what service on Council involves, and has asked for my support.

After several in-depth discussions, I am convinced that Bob Overbeck will be a great representative for District 1. He is a listener and a problem solver, he has a deep knowledge of financial matters, and he is involved in the community in many ways. I am excited that someone with Bob’s skills, heart, and energy has stepped forward to succeed me. I support him wholeheartedly.

Ben Manvel, Fort Collins, 2013